Godox TT685S Flash Shoe Repair

If you have a Sony A7 series camera, eventually you will damage the base of the flash unit.  Its a mostly plastic connection.

Usually its from carrying your camera by the flash unit(never a good idea)  In my case someone tipped over an off camera flash on a stand, and it just snapped off.  This is not a fault of the flash unit, just the nature of this type of connection.


What do you do?

Well, you can repair it easily.  Remove the 4 screws, being careful not to lose them.  There is an amber ribbon connected to the unit.  Simply pull on the ribbon with your fingers and it slides out.

There is nothing to release first, just pull.  The new one goes in the same way.  Be sure you are facing the new shoe the correct direction.

Put back the screws and you are done!


The repair part was only $5, so I ordered 4.  This may happen again, and it took a couple weeks to get the part.

I purchased this flash, and the repair part through an Amazon seller ‘Pergear’ and they were extremely helpful in getting me these parts.