Zombie Crawl October 2017

Makeup man Robert Uller putting the finishing touches on one of his creations

Another artist detailing her model.

Tools of the trade.

Thing1 and Thing 2, and behind the scene nose appliance they created.

Boom Headshot!

The zombies start to gather.

Amazing detail.

One of my favorites

Zombies rollout!

Doug Sakmann as Sgt Kabikiman the event organizer

Zombies climb to great heights to scout for brains.




Zombie Crawl 2017

Zombies are in season in July!

I had an opportunity to help with the makeup for one of the afterparty bands, J and the 9s.

The concept was their song Break Your Face Off.  I did her face as torn off, and she did a version of her stage face on a silicone mask.


Ready to join the crawl!

We were a little late joining the others, but I did get a few shots.

A little drinking contest.  I think we all won this round.

The crowd was unprepared for this high energy performance.

Who could possibly follow this?

Just a guy juggling a running power saw and a couple of potatoes!

That's all till next year!





Steampunk World's Fair 2017 Fires of Inspiration

Another year has passed, and another gathering of kindred souls has transpired.

I saw old friends, and made many new ones.

I am still awed by the greatness I witnessed.  Performers, craftspeople, and talented free range humans.

If you are in a photo and would like it credited, please email me(contact page) and I will add the credit.

Please link to this post if you wish to share any photos on facebook, etc.  If you really like one, contact me for a high resolution print in any size(appx 16x more resolution than posted here) or to license a photo for your webpage.

Please! Do not copy and repost, link to my photo!  Think of how sad I will be to have to take down your page  :(      All rights reserved.


See through my eyes:

Nick Santiago - V is for Villains - 2017 Steampunk World's Fair. Fires of Inspiration
V is for Villains - Steampunk World's Fair




You don't get a second chance to make a first impression.

In todays electronic age your headshot is important, whether it be a social media profile, dating page, or your professional portfolio its the first thing everyone sees, and it can make or break your future.  A cellphone selfie doesn't cut it anymore.

I've always shot live in a portrait style, but here are some posed headshots.




Eddie Hoftijzer is making a drawing based on one of my concert photos!

Bookmark this and keep checking back as this piece progresses!




Dilana - The Iridium
Dilana - The Iridium

Less than half done, and it's pretty amazing at this point.

Its finished.  here is the finished drawing, and my original photo!


eLLe Morgan Rockwood Music Hall


eLLe Morgan took to Rockwood stage 2 with a full band and played an amazing set, including a Joe Cocker inspired version of The Letter.


Videos coming soon!





eLLe Morgan - Rockwood Music Hall



Godox TT685S Flash Shoe Repair

If you have a Sony A7 series camera, eventually you will damage the base of the flash unit.  Its a mostly plastic connection.

Usually its from carrying your camera by the flash unit(never a good idea)  In my case someone tipped over an off camera flash on a stand, and it just snapped off.  This is not a fault of the flash unit, just the nature of this type of connection.


What do you do?

Well, you can repair it easily.  Remove the 4 screws, being careful not to lose them.  There is an amber ribbon connected to the unit.  Simply pull on the ribbon with your fingers and it slides out.

There is nothing to release first, just pull.  The new one goes in the same way.  Be sure you are facing the new shoe the correct direction.

Put back the screws and you are done!


The repair part was only $5, so I ordered 4.  This may happen again, and it took a couple weeks to get the part.

I purchased this flash, and the repair part through an Amazon seller 'Pergear' and they were extremely helpful in getting me these parts.


Binx at The Bitter End

Binx played a solo Thursday night at The Bitter End.

I've seen her perform before, and its usually been a full band, and dancers, a whole production.


This was different.  She performed alone.   Without the visual distraction of other pretty women dancing, and the rest of the band playing I was able to focus on just her voice.

Unlike so many other pop acts today, this lady can really sing!

You owe it to yourself to catch her show.



Smithsonian Photo Contest



I now have 11 photos accepted!  Even if I do not win, I feel honored to have made it this far.